Friday, August 7, 2009

#Top10 #socialmedia and #web20 Feeds on #FollowFriday

Here is a randomly put together "Top 10" list of Web 2.0 Twitter Feeds that frequently discuss social media. For Twitter experts a lot of these may be no-brainers, but for anyone who's new to the scene these feeds are a must follow. It's in everyone's favorite order - based on sheer number of followers. Other than that, there's no science to this system - just some people that often provide good fodder for those who like to Re-Tweet helpful posts and stay at the forefront of what's happening with social networking:

Name Tim O'Reilly
Location Sebastopol, CA
Bio Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.
581 Following - 891,622 Followers

Name Joel Comm
Location Northern Colorado
Bio Husband, Father. Author of Twitter Power - - Speaker, Social Media Evangelist.
59,572 Following - 72,226 Followers

Name Social Media Insider
Location San Francisco, CA
Bio Highly recommended by people who like things that don't suck. We keep a high signal-to-noise ratio and stimulate gray matter in the heads of doers and thinkers.
31,451 Following - 56,957 Followers

Name Mark Clayson
Location UK
Bio • professional • speaker • entrepreneur • disliker of cod • butler to four cats • would like a dog •

Name Bill Romanos
Location Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Bio General Counsel. International relations, science, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, book collecting and reading, etc.
33,772 Following - 33,080 Followers

Name Sarah Evans
Location iPhone: 42.043259,-88.289780
Bio PR and new media strategist at @SevansStrategy, social media freak, guest writer @Mashable, founder of #journchat and MediaOnTwitter, partner at @namechk.
8,610 Following - 27,341 Followers

Name Lee Odden
n Minneapolis, MN
Bio Traveler, foodie, dad & CEO @TopRank. I tweet mostly about Digital Public Relations, Social Media and SEO.
1,771 Following - 13,255 Followers

Name Dr. Mark Drapeau
Location Washington, DC
Bio Scientist, advisor, writer for O'Reilly Radar, Federal Computer Week, True/Slant, and on gov't, politics, science, tech, media, and society.
984 Following - 12,015 Followers

Name Terry Fry
Location Arizona City, Arizona
Bio I am an Internet Marketer and Social Media Networker who loves God, my Family and Friends, Football, Vacations, and the Beach
8,495 Following - 8,058 Followers

Name Lewis Shepherd
Location Washington, DC
Bio CTO of Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
1,325 Following - 2,129 Followers

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