Friday, August 7, 2009

#Top10 #socialmedia and #web20 Feeds on #FollowFriday

Here is a randomly put together "Top 10" list of Web 2.0 Twitter Feeds that frequently discuss social media. For Twitter experts a lot of these may be no-brainers, but for anyone who's new to the scene these feeds are a must follow. It's in everyone's favorite order - based on sheer number of followers. Other than that, there's no science to this system - just some people that often provide good fodder for those who like to Re-Tweet helpful posts and stay at the forefront of what's happening with social networking:

Name Tim O'Reilly
Location Sebastopol, CA
Bio Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.
581 Following - 891,622 Followers

Name Joel Comm
Location Northern Colorado
Bio Husband, Father. Author of Twitter Power - - Speaker, Social Media Evangelist.
59,572 Following - 72,226 Followers

Name Social Media Insider
Location San Francisco, CA
Bio Highly recommended by people who like things that don't suck. We keep a high signal-to-noise ratio and stimulate gray matter in the heads of doers and thinkers.
31,451 Following - 56,957 Followers

Name Mark Clayson
Location UK
Bio • professional • speaker • entrepreneur • disliker of cod • butler to four cats • would like a dog •

Name Bill Romanos
Location Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Bio General Counsel. International relations, science, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, book collecting and reading, etc.
33,772 Following - 33,080 Followers

Name Sarah Evans
Location iPhone: 42.043259,-88.289780
Bio PR and new media strategist at @SevansStrategy, social media freak, guest writer @Mashable, founder of #journchat and MediaOnTwitter, partner at @namechk.
8,610 Following - 27,341 Followers

Name Lee Odden
n Minneapolis, MN
Bio Traveler, foodie, dad & CEO @TopRank. I tweet mostly about Digital Public Relations, Social Media and SEO.
1,771 Following - 13,255 Followers

Name Dr. Mark Drapeau
Location Washington, DC
Bio Scientist, advisor, writer for O'Reilly Radar, Federal Computer Week, True/Slant, and on gov't, politics, science, tech, media, and society.
984 Following - 12,015 Followers

Name Terry Fry
Location Arizona City, Arizona
Bio I am an Internet Marketer and Social Media Networker who loves God, my Family and Friends, Football, Vacations, and the Beach
8,495 Following - 8,058 Followers

Name Lewis Shepherd
Location Washington, DC
Bio CTO of Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
1,325 Following - 2,129 Followers

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gov 2.0: Using Facebook, Twitter to Reach the Public

An article in today's Detroit Free Press captured concisely some benefits of incorporating Facebook and Twitter into a government communications strategy. Here's an excerpt:

Cities turn to Facebook, Twitter to get message out

August 2, 2009

Local and state officials are turning to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to quickly share information from job openings to accidents to upcoming events with a larger audience than they typically attract to their Web sites.

Residents may check in on a government Web site periodically, but most people log in to Facebook or follow
Twitter multiple times a day, officials said.

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They're right. Hardly anyone wakes up every morning and trolls government sites for news or information. But everyone would like to know if there's a road closed on your way in to work, or if the DMV is on furlough on a day you're planning a visit.

Government agencies have a responsibility to do more than post a news release in a hard-to-find spot on their website if they actually hope to get their message out. We know that people are increasingly logging on to their Twitter and Facebook accounts in the morning, and throughout the day for news and updates. These are mediums that the public sector should embrace.

It's about more than being hip and trendy with technology, it's about transparency, and it's about public service.


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